Vampires And Zombies : Monsters

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Vampires and zombies Monsters can refer to strange-looking creatures, such as Protoceratops, Godzilla, and Cyclops. Monsters can also be the unnatural beings that share something in common with humankinds, such as vampires, and zombies. In traditional folklores, they were both considered as creatures that will bring fatal illness and gave viruses and bacteria (Day 12). Along with the spread of vampire stories from Eastern Europe to America, vampires often show the potential for improvement (Butler 89). Zombies, however, were initially popularized in Haitain, but the story of zombies make them only gotten worse after it came to America, and today they are known as basically human garbage (Butler 92) It seems that vampires occupy the summit of the supernatural world, while zombies remain stuck at the bottom (Butler 90). But no matter how ultimately different forms that vampires and zombie present, it seems that the breakdown of society is unavoidable. The first record of vampires’ undead activity was in Sebia (Butler 77). The local inhabitants’ lives were uneasy, because they were confused about their identities and what they should follow (Butler 77). In this circumstance, vampire myth appeared to express the society’s anxiety by their irregularities, such as upsetting healthy sexuality and destroying normal patterns of reproduction (Butler 78). Places like back alleys and hidden recess provide opportunities for vampires to gain their powers and their exotic influence

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