Vanity Exposed in Vanity Fair Essay

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Vanity Exposed in Vanity Fair

The title Thackeray chose for his novel Vanity Fair is taken from The Pilgrim´s Progress by John Bunyan. In Bunyan´s book, one of the places Christian passes through on his pilgrimage to the Celestial City is Vanity Fair, where it is possible to buy all sorts of vanities. A very sad thing happens there: the allegorical person Faithful is killed by the people. In the novel Vanity Fair Thackeray writes about the title he has chosen: "But my kind reader will please to remember that this history has 'Vanity Fair' for a title, and that Vanity Fair is a very vain, wicked, foolish place, full of all sorts of humbugs and falsenesses and pretensions" (98). The choice of title is appopriate, because in his …show more content…

She is well aware of the sort of person she is: "I´m no angel" (11). As soon as she is out of school she starts scheming to find a husband above her station, since her ambition is to advance in society. Having failed to win the hand of Joseph Sedley, she marries Rawdon Crawley, thinking he will inherit a lot of money from his aunt. Instead they both fall out of favour, and Becky has to use her wits. Throughout the novel she is the one who charms people, and who is held in high esteem by the upper class in which she yearns to "belong". The word vanity suits Becky well; she seems to care for no one, not even her friends, and she neglects her own son. A very hard judgement is passed on her by Lady Jane: "She has deceived her husband, as she has deceived everybody; her soul is black with vanity, worldliness, and all sorts of crime" (752). When Rawdon leaves her it becomes harder for her to retain her reputation. When she notices that people avoid her she works hard to be regarded as respectable. She is not used to a life where she is not surrounded by admirers, and she is bored. She makes Joseph Sedley listen to her lamentations on how she has been trampled on. He believes her and is made very unhappy. Becky is suspected of being responsible for his death. Becky´s life is full of scandal, and all her scheming and striving for wealth and honour come to nothing: she has struggled in vain. Her vanity has resulted in her ruin.

Becky´s schoolfriend Amelia´s

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