Essay : The Undoing Of Lady Catherine De Bourgh

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The Undoing of Lady Catherine De Bourgh In Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, there are many peculiar characters that readers are introduced to. Lady Catherine De Bourgh is a supercilious character who constantly displays her pride and ego throughout the course of the novel. In the beginning of chapter 29, we meet Lady Catherine who doesn’t even remotely try to welcome her guests with kindness upon meeting them. Her pompous ways are evident in the line, “nor was her manner…to make her visitors forget their inferior rank” (Austen 139). Through this quite the reader sees the way Lady Catherine draws a line between her class and the class of her guests who are not as wealthy as her. Lady Catherine is a very opinionated character who …show more content…

In the quote, “our instrument is a capital one, probably superior to --” (Austen 141). Through this Lady Catherine is saying that Elizabeth’s lowly family doesn’t have access to the same things as she does because they are not as rich as her. Throughout the course of the chapter, we see Lady Catherine display a supercilious attitude, however, that is not the only horrible trait she possess. Alongside her snobbish behaviour, she is also a very domineering character. Lady Catherine De Bourgh’s long list of awful character traits does not end at being a supercilious woman, she also happens to be invasively domineering one as well. As discussed previously, Lady Catherine enjoys being the sole attention in a party of people by talking non-stop. In chapter 29 this is evident to the reader in the line, “to hear Lady Catherine talk…without any intermission” Austen (140). This shows that lady Catherine likes to have power over others and does not allow anybody else to speak because she’d rather have all the attention on herself. Lady Catherine is a very pushy character who gives her thoughts on all matters, whether they are hers or not. A direct example of this is in the quote, “delivering her opinion on every single subject” (Austen 140). This quote proves that Lady Catherine is an extremely pushy character who also is very

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