Various Types Of International Banking Offices

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1. Briefly discuss some of the services that international banks provide their customers and the market place. International banks are global financial entities that offer multiple services to their customers and contribute in the development of the marketplace as a whole. In fact, the international bank services are provided globally contrary to the domestic banks. Some of the services that international banks offer are: • Participating in exports and imports. • Helping customers in doing business abroad • Serving as the intermediate between businesses while trading financial funds. • Financing and lending money to MNCs and governments. 2. Briefly discuss the various types of international banking offices. The different types of international banking offices are: • Foreign branch banks: Foreign branches serve as a representative branch of the parent bank. in fact, foreign branch banks are implemented in foreign countries in order to facilitate the contact between the parent banks and its customers abroad. • Subsidiary and affiliate banks: Subsidiary and affiliate banks are financial entities that operate abroad but not fully owned by the parent bank. Usually, the Subsidiaries and Affiliates banks are owned by foreign investors and submit to the banking laws in the countries they operate. • Edge Act banks: Edge Act banks are located in the U.S. and have fully the rights to engage and participate in international activities and foreign trades. • Offshore banking centers:
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