Essay about Various Types of Stress, Especially for College Students

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The American Institute of Stress defines the term stress as that non-specific response of the body to any demand for change. Stress can also be defined as what a person experiences when they feel like they have too much on their plates or they don’t how to handle changes in positive way.

High levels of stress can be broken down into different types of stress that could impact a student’s academic performance. Academic stress is one of many types of stress that impact college student’s academic performance in a negative way. The International Journal Humanities and Social Science defines academic stress as a combination of academic-related demands that exceed adaptive resources available to an individual. In other words, a student could …show more content…

Two people could be sitting in the same room and be the same race but still experience minority stress because one could be straight and the other person could be bisexual. The person who is bisexual could feel as if they are sitting outside watching everyone else and not feeling like they belong. When a student feels like they don’t belong that along could cause stress, low confidence which could lead to low academic performance. It’s almost like linking a chain together.

Work stress can cause low academic performance is students as well. The Health and Safety Executive Government defines work stress as the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them work. If a student is sitting in class worried about not completing the tasks given to them at work then they might wonder if they complete their tasks at school and stress themselves out.

When a student has confidence that means they believe that can achieve and perform to whatever they set their mind to. The Global Novation’s defines confidence as the belief that one can learn or learn to control the outcome. If a student feels like they can’t control the outcome of passing or failing a class then that could them stress and impact them negative. When a student is not feeling confident it can show in their academic performance and also through their personal behaviors.

Intellectual confidence is defined as a student knowing that they are capable of

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