Vegan Animal Rights

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Animal Rights

Are you a vegan? Some people try to be, but a vegan diet doesn't last long because a body knows what it needs. Animal rights is an argument about animals being used and not being used as food. “Many people argue about this topic”, because vegans say that not eating meat is healthier and good for you.Non vegetarians say that meat gives you vitamins that plants don't give you. Animal should be used for food, because vegans don't get any animal proteins which can have negative effects on any body, meat gives you vitamins that plants don't have,Being vegan can give you malnourishment mostly to kids,but “going vegan” still can do lots of harm.
Vegans believe that killing animals is harming the animals, but really vegans are harming the plants. Scientists say that plants have feelings and feel pain. Researchers have proven that plants might have fear because of how they react to certain actions. Vegetarians say that plants are not living, but they are. A researcher made experiments that show plants are sensitive to light, heat, cold and even noise. ”There is nothing wrong with this cycle, it is how
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Vegetarians are found to have more cancer,allergies and health disorders. Studies show that vegetarians are lacking in creatine which is bad for your muscles and brain functions. Meat is important for muscles mass and bone health.”I am 100% certain that a plant-based diet that includes at least a little of animals (the occasional whole egg or fatty fish, for example) will be much healthier in the long-term than a diet that eliminates animal foods completely.” A vegan diet is not healthy for your body,you will be losing a lot of your vitamins. A vegan diet is not good for both kids and adults it can be harmful and you could get very
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