Veganism. When I Tell People That I’M Going Vegan They

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When I tell people that I’m going vegan they always ask, “Why? Why wouldn’t you eat meat? Where do you get your protein? How can you survive without bacon?” Usually I respond with something like, “why not?” Being vegan benefits animals, the environment, and my health and if I can do that by just changing what I eat, then that 's a pretty good deal. And that’s the simple way of explaining it. In those conversations, I could go into more detail about why I’m going vegan and talk about the agricultural industry and the health and environmental benefits of veganism but I never have enough time to explain. So that’s what I’m here to do today.

Everyone knows that in order to get meat, an animal needs to die. But not everyone knows the …show more content…

For example, the Humane Society raises money and asks for petition signatures to help save either dogs being killed in meat farms or give homes to animals they save from the slaughter. The Agricultural business is one of the biggest causes of climate change. When animals like cows and pigs go poo, Methane gas is released from their manure and into the atmosphere. This contributes to global warming and with over 75 billion animals produced each year that’s a big problem. As well, the amount of land used for providing space to farm these animals is the size of Africa, the second largest continent. Because by 2050 our population will reach around 9 billion people, logically, more land will need to be used and we won’t have enough space to hold the animals used to provide food for the growing population. Adopting a vegan diet clearly helps the environment for the better, but also helps a person’s physical health.

Meat contains a lot of saturated fat which is difficult for the body to digest. This is why after eating a meal containing meat, you feel full faster than after eating a plant based meal. This congestion also leads to, for some people, stomach problems. Adopting a lifestyle like veganism is more likely to help you avoid this problem. This is because fruits and vegetables contain natural sugars instead of artificial sugars which results in less concentrated

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