Vehicular Ad Hoc Network Lab Report

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The principle consists of initialising the minimum (Trmin) and maximum transmission (Trmax) rate. Based on the IEEE802.11p, all mobiles involved in the Vehicular Ad hoc Network (VANET) are synchronised and will switch from Service Channel (SCH) to Control Channel (CCH) every sync period as depicted in Fig.1. A sync period is 100 ms which correspond to a switching frequency of 10 Hz. Because CAMs/BSMs and DENMs are broadcasted and exchanged during the CCH time interval, therefore, in the proposed algorithm, Trmax = 10 and Trmin= 1. If all nodes are synchronized to transmit at specific period of time (CCH interval); if the channel bandwidth is large enough, then each node will receive a message copy of its neighbours. This is the main …show more content…

In our model, the choice of minimum CBR (CBRMin) is any value smaller than CBRMax while the average CBR (CBRAv) is comprised between the minimum and the maximum. The transmission delay (T0) is initialised at one second and the rate or frequency is initialised at 10 Hz. The algorithm begins at full rate when the CBR is less than CBRMin. When the CBR becomes greater than the CBRMin and less than the CBRMax, the rate is adjusted as a function of T0, λ and α. When the CBR becomes greater than CBRMax, the rate is decreased by increasing T0 until the CBRAv is achieved and T0 is equal to 1 or less. In general, the idea consists of computing the differential CBR (λ, λ1), the transmission delay T0 as well as the coefficient α to adjust the broadcasting delay as a function of a preset CBRMax. The IDBSMA concept is build upon the DBSMA while taking into consideration the preset CBRMax. For clarification, the flow diagram of the proposed algorithm is depicted in Fig.2. The proposed IDBSMA algorithm was implemented in Matlab and several simulations performed to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the IDBSMA against the DBSMA. Although, the DBSMA performance was already demonstrated against its peer in [8], some weaknesses in terms of robustness were observed. Considering the likehood of car accident

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