Vellex Case Study

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Do you have a blanket that gets softer after every wash? If not you would like to keep reading. In the 1900s using power from the Saco River business started to boom in Biddeford a small town in New England.With over 50,000 employees the Vellux industry was getting bigger and bigger everyday. Francis Spencer a boy from Arundel, who work at Pepperell. He worked long hours to pay for college, but over time he found out that this was his passion. At the age of 44 he was given a big promotion .The process of making vellex is called Non Woven Vellux Foam. It was made by bonding three layers together using a Flame Laminator.The top and bottom were thin layers of foam in between was a layer of nylon scrim. In July of 1971 the only business

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