Vending Machine’S Food And Obesity. The Access To Vending

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Vending Machine’s Food and Obesity The access to vending machines and their popularity in schools have been increasing over the past years; the installments of them have contributed to high caloric intake among the youths. Food and diet have been studied as a significant benefactor to the dietary decisions people make in their life every day. All the decisions regarding its benefit will ultimately impact health outcome in people’s lives. The environment, work, and school impacts the nutrition setting, which includes the external cues that influence one’s food choices and consumption. One great path for modifying eating habit is to change the nutrition background in order to create an environment that is more conducive and moderate to…show more content…
In order to be consider healthy, the food or beverage had to meet all of the following criteria: low calorie, low sugar, and low fat. Besides the poor nutritional profile of foods and beverages available in vending machines, the indirect link researchers have shown between vending machine use and the prevalence of overweight and obesity in children. Children who are obese have an increased risk of being diagnosed with so many other diseases such as: metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes. Consumption and vending machine use on oral health of children living in London In this article, Malik explains the study conducted the examined children’s vending machine use and found it to be positively associated with sugar consumption. He points the relationships between dental health, food choice, and weight in children. He describes how vending machine has been linked to sugary beverage consumption, which can directly affect weight gain and obesity in children. By given the poor nutritional quality of foods and beverages offered in vending machines as well as the potential link between vending machine use and overweight and obesity in children, many experts and researchers have called for a change in the nutrition environment such as vending machines. Obesity prevention in children One recommendation to decrease the growing numbers of children who are overweight or obese was to

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