Venture Capital and Tech Coast Angels

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9-808-064 REV: OCTOBER 21, 2010 PRICHARD G. HAMERMESH LAUREN BARLEY De ermaCa Zap are: pping Z Dir Zits rectly It w a rainy Saturday mor was S rning in late N November 20 005, and Pete Scocimara p er pulled on his Croc s shoes to take his rambunctiou golden ret us triever Jasper for a walk. Walking the dog would give r e d Scocim mara some much-needed time to clear his head an prepare fo a Monday m r nd or y-morning me eeting with the cofounders of his co ompany, Der rmaCare, Inc Headquarte c. ered in Live ermore, California, Derm maCare was a start-up ven nture that pla anned to mar rket its Therm maClear acne e-treatment d device direct to consum tly mers using dire response t ect…show more content…
ght resident and Fellow of Harvard Coll ws lege. To order copie or request perm es mission to reproduc materials, call 1-8 ce 800-545Copyrig © 2007, 2010 Pr 7685, wr Harvard Busin rite ness School Publish hing, Boston, MA 0 02163, or go to http://www.hbsp.harv No part of this publication may be n reprodu uced, stored in a retrieval system, used in a spread dsheet, or transmit tted in any form or by any mean ns—electronic, mec chanical, photoco opying, recording, or otherwise—with o hout the permission of Harvard Busin n ness School. 808-064 DermaCare: Zapping Zits Directly DermaCare Cofounders Luiz Da Silva Da Silva, a native of Canada, received a PhD in physics from the University of British Columbia in 1988. Soon thereafter, Da Silva moved to California for the opportunity to work with “the world’s most powerful laser” at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). By 1997, Da Silva was ready for a new challenge. He and his boss then started the medical technology program at LLNL, and Da Silva explained his role as its associate program director: Our mission was to take technology and patents developed at the lab and transfer them to the medical industry. My first experience was to pitch some technology the lab had for treating strokes. We visited some VCs, and eventually a group of VCs found a CEO and formed a startup to license and commercialize our technology. I was the
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