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Planet Venus

Did you know that Venus can be described as a volcano? Earth and Mercury are the two closest neighbors to Venus. Venus is one of the five planets that have existed for so long that date of discovery is unknown. Venus was named after the Roman god of love. Venus is very interesting because of its composition, ancient history, and research.
Not to mention that,Venus has a record of 20 successful explorations and visits. There have no reports of life found on Venus.Venus’s composition is 96% carbon dioxide 3% nitrogen and 1% smaller amounts of other gases. Venus’s appearance looks identical to the inside of a volcano; the surface is very bumpy, is covered by lava, and has several volcanoes. And like any other surface of a volcano’s area there are craters along the surface of Venus.
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Despite the fact that Venus has volcanoes and lava on the surface, no changes in temperature have been documented. Venus is 67.24 million miles away from the sun,is the second planet from the sun,
NASA is planning to build a heat tolerable rover to collect information that was lost. A future trip is planned for NASA to visit Venus to put the rover on the planet. There were initially two rovers on Venus, but one , but the new rover will retrace all the information.When Venus is boiling hot the size does not increase or decrease, sense the planet is always broiling the planet does not get drained or pumped up , it stays the same. Although sometimes Venus reflects its heat to other planets.
In conclusion, Venus is a very, very hot planet and is called the “Morning Star” and “Evening Star” because the planet is very bright from the lava. If you're interested in any further more information about the rovers check out
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