Vermeer's Hat, by Timothy Brook

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Timothy Brook discusses in his book the aspects of world trade during the 17th century and how through the process of globalization, how regions became as interconnected as we know of today. Most people tend to have this conceptualized idea of what globalization is as well as its process. Throughout my educational career, globalization has always been portrayed as big businesses working together providing different goods and services worldwide. In other words, globalization simply involves big, fortune 500-esque companies and has no involvement from anyone else. In the text, however, Brook gives a different interpretation and does so by examining six different paintings by Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. Instead of focusing primarily on…show more content…
The demand for tobacco quickly increased leading to the establishment of tobacco plantations. In order to meet and supply the high demands, labor would be needed on the plantations. Thus, African slaves were taken from their homeland and taken to the Americas to be sold to plantation farmers. From this point on, tobacco began circulation worldwide. Another important export that helps symbolize the globalization brought on by trade was silver. Silver became increasingly available throughout Europe whereas in China, the demand for it became increasingly high due to limited currency. Since Europe needed different goods such as spices and tea from China, another lucrative trading system was established. Europe would buy the Chinese goods with silver thus increasing their profits, while China benefited from gaining enough to meet the demand. The most important element of globalization involved the movement of people. The painting, The Card Player (1660), depicts four people all from different backgrounds. There is an elegantly dressed man who appears to exude opulence and wealth. Seated across from him is a young woman dressed in peasant-like clothes, along with a young child. Lastly, there is a young boy of African descent serving them. What can be gathered from this picture is that all of the people depicted in the painting weren’t originally from wherever the setting of the painting is. It is
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