Versailles: The Royal Palace in Paris Essay

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Versailles Versailles was not always a château or a royal palace it was also a country village on the road to Paris. Now let’s step back to when it was being built. There was a total of four campaigns each lasting around 4-20 years. The first campaign was building the garden and apartments to accommodate 600 guest invited to a celebration party and not much else happened in this campaign. The second building campaign was mainly about creating a place for the royal family to stay at. Louis XIV the king had his own room and his queen also had her own room. Louis’ XIV brother and sister-in-law had their own room as well. A hunting lodge for the royal family was also created for them to stay at as well. The second campaign was also being at …show more content…

Also the son remodeled the courtyard as well for everyone to see. Day-to-day life in the palace you would wake early in the morning before Louis XIV woke up to see him was up. If you were Louis XIV you would wake up to all your servants watching you. The man with the highest rank of nobility would hand the king his shirt. Reason why they watch him wake up is because they consider him as the Sun King and they want to see the “sun rise”. Another reason he is the Sun King is that everyone revolves around him like the sun in our solar system. People did many things in the Palace like dancing, hunting, and playing cards. Though I am pretty sure they always let him win. Also he would take many walks in the garden everyday with his servants. Everyday his cloths would get fancier and fancier as well as a haircut also a shave everyday. Each of the salons was name after each of the seven known planets in our solar system. There was also a grand theater that all the aristocrats would go to and watch Louis XIV perform. In October 1790 Louis XVI commanded that all furniture in Versailles to be moved to Tuileries Palace. Since the people are Versailles needed that furniture the mayor wrote a letter to him asking not to take the furniture. He responded and allowed the furniture to stay. Even though he allowed the furniture to stay Versailles still had an economic ruin in their once great city. The people got more and more frustrated at Louis XVI and that he was

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