Veterans Suicide Research Paper

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Proposal to Reduce Suicide Rate of Female Veterans The early mornings when you are awakened by the sound of a bugle call, to gather for accountability and to salute the red, white, and blue American flag to start your military day, brings you a sense of fulfillment and a smile on your face. When you are in the United States military you are a part of an organization that becomes your family, because you live, breathe, fight, and die for your country. When you join the United States military you are broken down mentally and physically, so that they can build you up to protect and serve your country. In the United States military your weapon is the love of your life, because you eat, sleep, train, and kill with your M16 rifle, but who could…show more content…
The loved ones that are left behind feel a sense of guilt, at fault, and thoughts that if they were more involved, then their veteran would be alive. There have been many organizations that have accomplished the prevention of suicide, but they seem to focus more of the male veteran. Stop 22, Buddy Check 22, and Mission 22 are a few organizations that have tried to step in to help prevent Veteran suicide, because these programs are just as similar as the Veterans Crisis Hotline. Veterans need peer one-on-one attention that doesn’t make them feel like they are going to be sent to a psych ward, because they do have thoughts of suicide. Project Description Mission: Develop a Non –Profit, third party program and find source funding to help female veterans (active & non active duty) one on one with counseling, career advancement, and listen to their every need without judgment and comparison to male veterans. Objective: The objective of this program is to determine if they system is really helping or ignoring the cries of help from female veterans, because of their gender and status in the military. Also, the third party non-profit organization is to be in charge by female active duty/veterans for female active
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