Victims - a True Story About the Civil War Essay

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Victims: A True Story of the Civil War Brian A. Geil MILS 5020 Social Factors of The Civil War This book follows differing social structures within The Confederate States of America and how those clashing cultures led to multiple changes of strategy in the mountain regions of the Confederacy. All of these combined factors led to multiple tragic events within the Confederacy. The main social groups that are discussed in the book are Rural and Urban Confederates, Confederate Mountaineers, and Unionist. It is important to understand each of the different social groups before a full social analysis can be conducted. Once the social aspect of the mountain regions is understood, the specific strategies used by both the Union and the…show more content…
When it became apparent to the Confederate leaders that mountaineers were deserting the Confederate Army in large numbers, laws were passed that would punish deserters and their families. Additionally Confederate soldiers were dispatched to catch the deserters to enforce the recently passed laws. Once word got out the deserters were being hunted down and punished, the bond between most mountaineers began to thicken. They would hide each other’s men during the day so that Confederate soldiers couldn’t find them. Then come nightfall the soldiers would continue their journeys home. Resentment for mountaineers soon grew and punishments for deserters were soon executed on the spot without the written authorization of the proper military powers. Punishments included on the spot execution, extreme beating and torture, robbing their houses, raping and/or beating their wives and children. This only served to expand the differences between mountaineers and the rest of the southerners and increased the number of desertions by mountaineer men. mountaineers and Unionists. Union forces in the Border States such as Kentucky or Maryland quickly figured out that mountaineers and Confederate forces were not working together effectively. At the start of the war, while many people in the Border States were leaving their homes to go fight for the Confederacy, many people living in the mountains left their homes to go live in and possibly fight for
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