Victor Frankenstein Character Analysis

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Robert Walton is amazed and in awe, while he is traveling to the north pole. His traveling gives him dreams and excitement for what will come during his travels. Robert is also convincing himself that the cold and frost of the north will have many adventures for him. I wonder how much this breeze means to Robert Walton and how he would feel if there was no breeze. I wonder if he will be unmotivated or unable to continue on. I am also imagining his descriptions and thinking whether or not my visions match with his visions and descriptions.
Victor Frankenstein is happy about the summer months and the scenery around him. He is happy about the harvest from the farms and just happy about nature in general. I wonder how harvest would look like and why he specifically mentions vines. However, at the same time, those feelings made him forget about his friends and his loved ones, who are far away. Victor broke his promise with his father and has worried his friends. I wonder what would happen if Victor just suddenly appeared to loved ones and friends. I also wonder if his loved ones and friends would be surprised and be happy or be disappointed for not hearing from him.
Victor was watching as his ‘monster’ stood and came alive, while their was a storm in the sky. I wonder why Victor called the storm a noble war that was so, “beautiful yet terrific.” Is it beautiful because of the clouds and terrific because of the winds and lightning? Victor also watched as a bolt of
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