Victor Frankenstein Psychological Analysis

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Carlos Alvarado
Mr. Ginsberg
Science Fiction 1C
6 Sept. 2017

The Creature led by Hatred Leslie Halliwell explains, “ That night, Victor’s sleep is filled with horrid dreams, including one of his mother’s corpse in her shroud, with ‘grave worms crawling in folds of the flannel’. This defines a man named Victor Frankenstein who was a mad man obsessed with the science behind life and death. After the death of his mother that is when the switch had flipped inside him convincing himself that he could finally find a way to cheat death by creating life from various dead corpses. This quote defines scientific experiment gone wrong along with consequences. After he created the horrific creature that he was so eager to create. Victor comprehended what he had done wasn't right. He was disgusted with the monster and was bound to kill it right after it had been made. The monster wanted to be adored from his father and have friends by his side. What he got instead was his father the creator wanted to spear him. Throughout the life of Frankenstein because the monster was treated so badly, he turned to violence, hatred, and sought revenge after his creator. Halliwell explains, “ ‘Devil,’ I exclaimed, ‘do you approach me? And do not you fear the fierce vengeance of my arm wreaked on your miserable head?Begone, vile insect! Or rather, stay, that I may trample you to dust!”. This states that Victor does not feel affection or fondness for the monster he created from his own hands, sweat,

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