Video Camera Policy Issues

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Many of the policy issues need to be considered in the improvement of police work. This is especially true with the body worn video camera, which can have a significant impact on the privacy, social relations and internal departments affairs. As institutions in the development of body worn video camera program, It is crucial that they thoughtfully examine how their policies and practices intersect with these larger problems. Policy problems to look at Policy issues to look at include the effect these cameras have on privacy and community relationships, the concerns raised by frontline officers, the expectations that cameras create in terms of court proceedings and officer credibility, as well as the presence of financial factors.

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Sometimes it feels like sense of "everyone is filming everybody" with the progress of science and technology and expectations of privacy development. It is very important that law enforcement agencies need seriously consider, when they use this technology how to affect the privacy rights of public, especially when courts have not yet provided guidance on these issues.

The quality of body worn video camera improve a lot, but do not think it is a privacy issue before. It is different from many of the traditional monitoring methods, the body worn video camera can simultaneously record audio and video and capture close-up images that allow for the potential use of facial recognition technology. Moreover, while the fixed surveillance camera usually covers only public space, the officials use ability of body worn video camera to get the recording of the inside private residence and to film sensitive situations that might emerge during calls for service.
There is also need think about the problem. It is how the recording video from body worn video camera may be stored and used. For example, will a person be able to get that was recorded inside a neighbor's home? Will the agency keep video indefinitely? Is it possible that the body-worn camera footage …show more content…

Police rely on the partnership of these communities to help them solve the problem of crime and disorder.

Some participants expressed concern that too much of the video record with the body worn video camera may damage the relationships officers have developed with the community and hinder the openness of their community policing interactions. Some police officer worry about that, for example, people will be less likely to come forward to share information if they know their conversation will be recorded, especially in high crime neighborhoods where residents may be subject to retaliation if they are regarded as cooperative with the police.

Some police officers reported that the deployment of the body worn video camera has actually had a negative impact on their intelligence gathering activities, especially when the officers are not allowed to close the camera as appropriate.

2.3 Managing expectations

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