Video Game Technology's Negative Effects on the Next Generation

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Video Game Technology's Negative Effects on the Next Generation Video Games made their first appearance in the 1970’s however did not develop popularity until the 1980’s. By the end of that decade, video games had become a preferred childhood leisure activity; psychologists urged many with the concerns of the ill effects of video games. “ Even The military has long been aware of some of the side effects of video games… Some of the best fighter pilots in the world grew up playing these games.” (Sullivan) Primitive video game research proved inconclusive on the overall effects of video games. Video games provide positive effects including a friendly method to introduce children to computers and may increase children’s hand-eye …show more content…

Secondly violence, another suggestive theme also contributes to societies major concerns about video games. “Advanced improvement in the presentation of the games comes an increased use of the technology to present extremely violent, bloody, and sexually explicit game scenarios.” (Duckett)Violence has gone from simple games like space invaders, and packman to present day games such as Mortal Kombat, Grand Theft Auto 1-3, Quake III and many other games where violence, blood, and death are prominent themes. The demand for violence is not because male children choose to witness it, but because males are looking for beneficial role models, which they find in these games. (Clark, 1993) Playing games such as these can increase a person’s aggressive thoughts and feelings under both laboratory settings and real life. Violence in video games according to Cesarone “points out that other authorities have speculated that when a child plays a violent video game, he or she is more likely to behave aggressively….” Sometimes however violent video games become addictive leading to many psychological disabilities. The prolonged and excessive use of video games can cause, mainly upon children, a number of psychological changes which may include the following: obsessive, addictive behavior, dehumanization of the player, desensitizing of feelings, personality changes, psychomotor disorders, and the development of

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