Video Games And Its Effects On Society

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Movies, video games, music and television shows come in different genres. However, depending on age in regards to youth not just anyone is allowed to: watch certain movies, buy just any video game, listen to any music or watch any tv show. Sometimes they can see certain movies with a parent or guardian. Seeing violence in excess causes violent acts to take place in society because it gives ideas to viewers or listeners especially those who are young. This the reason there are ratings for media.The bullets spray and blood puddles up on the ground. The images of guts and brains can be traumatizing to some or the actions in the film may be impersonated by others. Violence is expressed in all type of ways. According to Avci, Rasit and …show more content…

On the contrary, Lull and Bushman claim in their article titled "Do Sex And Violence Sell? A Meta-Analytic Review Of The Effects Of Sexual And Violent Media And Ad Content On Memory, Attitudes, And Buying Intentions." that, “Although violence and sexual media often attract large audiences, advertising in those programs is less effective than advertising in programs without violent and sexual content” meaning it is not even good for business yet consideration of the effects on youth are not even considered. Violent Shows are just broadcasted. Even with the warnings of explicit content kids still can view it. If not on tv then on a computer or tablet or maybe even a phone. Watching violence at a young age can change the sensitivity of children because they see false deaths on television. If what they saw on a violent tv program were to happen in real life then they would reflect on what they saw on a tv and might assume it was fake. After a while of being exposed to violence through media it would become enjoyable as if watching tv comfortably at home. Some examples of the effects from violence in the media that have happened in real life

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