Video Games And The Video Game

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I’ve been playing video games and watching various forms of animation for years. I started to play video games on my Sega Genesis, like Sonic the Hedgehog and Phantasy Star. From then on, I advanced in gaming platforms and experienced games from Nintendo since the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and from Sony on the first PlayStation. I spent countless hours playing video games. However, I also spent a fair amount of time watching animation. I’d wake up on Saturday mornings to watch shows like Pokémon and Dragon Ball. Additionally, there was the occasional marathon of Disney VHS tapes. Through video games, I was able to explore new realms through virtual reality. In role-playing games (RPG’s), I’d be able to take on the role of a protagonist that would save different worlds and trek across lands teeming with adventure and evil to vanquish. Similarly, these experiences were also found in the characters of the cartoons I watched. As a result, I became inspired to create my own characters and even illustrate the ones I watched from those Saturday morning cartoons. At the time, my room was decorated with multiple drawings and posters of cartoons characters along with ‘90s gaming posters that displayed advertisements for the Nintendo 64 console and Mortal Kombat games. It was there in that room, where I was able to cross over to other worlds and experience journeys to distant lands. In a sense, my room was the equivalent of Narnia’s wardrobe. I was able to enjoy video

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