The Importance Of Video Games

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In today’s society video games have a large influence on people. We also might be driven to the point of where we are dependent on them. In fact, being so engulfed in video games could help children become more focused.In fact, parents would probably disagree and say that video games wouldn’t be essential to learning because it would probably be considered a waste of time for children and time-consuming. Parents would also disagree with the content of what is in the game, but there is a great possibility that video games could actually make us smarter. Steven Johnson explains that the games we are used to playing can improve our visual intelligence and that it would be good to learn new strategies through gaming. Video games should be an …show more content…

Some might say that kids don’t get social skills with games, true, but many times you can have interactions or invite friends to play games on the Xbox.

In the world video games are mostly thought of by parents as having a negative impact on our brains, but actually, there could be life lessons involved in playing video games. There could be certain situations involved. There is a game called “Diner Dash”, which presents a certain situation within a restaurant in which a player has to manage many things at once. If a person ever wanted to go in the restaurant industry they could learn from this game with the pressures of taking orders, helping the diner’s needs and waiting tables. I feel this could be good for kids, and taking from Carr’s idea, they could adapt to the situation with their brains.

Games like Modern Warfare, Call of Duty, Halo, could have a positive impact besides the fact that you’re shooting guns and people. These games might influence a child to aspire to serve in the Army, but it is the best experience to go through what the characters go through in those particular game. Still, this can have a positive impact and give kids the idea to serve our country.

Another example of something that is beneficial to kids, and involves games, is ABC mouse because it is a learning program which involves playing games and solving problems. The certain games included are math games, social studies, a study of the planets, climate, and other activities.

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