Video Reflection: Schools Urged To Cushion Budget

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Video Reflection: Schools Urged to Cushion Budget Blow
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Video Reflection: Schools Urged to Cushion Budget Blow
School districts are currently grappling with the key goal of cutting costs while maintaining the quality of their basic instructional curriculums. In the video by Education Week (2017), a discussion ensues on cost-cutting strategy approaches to help schools operate within the limited finances at their disposal. The video conversation proposes an all-inclusive approach of identifying unnecessary expenditures and reallocating funds to priority areas. The focus of the acknowledged method is to concentrate resources to areas pertinent to attaining transformational student performance. However, …show more content…

Evidently, these outcomes would achieve some cost-saving benefits; however, the success would be at the expense of the quality of learning. The impact on education is seen in the declining replacement rates of departing teachers, the increasing redundancy of classroom support staff, and the growing workload on instructors from larger classrooms and longer working hours (Bowser, 2017). Additionally, these cost-saving approaches weaken the ability of schools to build intelligence and creativity in children (Leachman, Albares, Masterson, & Wallace, 2015). Basically, the negative impacts of budget reallocation measures on the quality of education hampers the improvement of student performance. However, these budget-cutting approaches remain the best alternatives to ensure schools operate normally in hard economic …show more content…

The agreed approaches revolve around reducing budget expenditures, reallocating funds to academically crucial areas, and promoting innovation. The effectiveness of these strategies would be based on the realization of improved student performance. However, this is never the case as the outcomes of these approaches reduce the quality of instruction in schools. Conversely, tough financial times, strained resources, and lower state funding constrains schools to moderate their expenditures and careful monitor usage of existing resources. Consequently, the use of reallocation and stricter budgeting approaches is justified.

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