Vietnam War I And World War II

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Vietnam War POL 128 Essay The Vietnam War is a war that took place in Vietnam. The war was a particularly interesting war because it resulted in a previous unheard of result: the United States of America outright losing a war. This war was a war that was symbolic of one between democracy (good) and communism (bad). Vietnam was and still is a country that is run through communist rule. At the time, there was a democratic minority and this group was funded by other countries that were currently democratic. The United States in particular saw this as an opportunity to help Vietnam become a more democratic state. The Vietnam War and the tactics used in it were not something that the Americans were used to dealing with. In World War I and World War II, the United States started off as being a neutral party in the two wars. However, the bombing of Pearl Harbor resulted in not only the involvement of the United States, but it also resulted in the end of the war, with United States proving to be the biggest factor in the ending of the war. As a result, the United States were seen as a world superpower, not only from an economic point of view but from a military point of view as well. This image that the United States prided itself in and also the view that democracy is the superior form of government was not well supported because the Vietnam War saw the victory going to the communist party, symbolizing the superiority of communism. In relation to film, and specifically American
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