Violence And Culture : A Cross Cultural And Interdisciplinary Approach By Jack David Eller

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As Americans, living in a egotistical and self centered society, we often think that we are the best, the top 1 percent in every aspect. However, When compared to other countries of the world, America is ranked 14th in education, 44th in health care efficiency, and 101th in peace. But it ranks first in incarceration, 2nd in ignorance, and 3rd in global competitiveness. One can see how the rankings that America is top in are those that promote violence in one way or another. In the book Violence and Culture: A Cross-Cultural and Interdisciplinary Approach by Jack David Eller, the author discusses violence in American society in one of his chapters. In this chapter, he mentions some social characteristics that represents and plays a role in…show more content…
Although this is very devastating, this is not the first instance of domestic partner homicide occurring in the United States. About three women are killed everyday in the United States by current or former relationships.Violence against women affects many women across different cultures, race, ethnicities, etc., however in America, African-American women make up about half of female homicide victims even though they make up 13 percent of the population (O’Hara, 2017). Additionally they are victimized by domestic violence 35 percent more than white women (O 'Hara, 2017).We see how violence against women connects to the paternalistic roots, and also intersects with race being that African-American women are exposed to violence at a much higher rate than white women. After 245 years of slavery, the United States consistently tries to redefine itself as an inclusive country in attempt to erase their past. In reality, those who are in power have found new ways to enforce their power on non whites, specifically African-Americans in America, one of which is through the prison system. Eller mentions that although the percentage in the American population of black men are 12 percent, they constitute for 44 percent of arrests for violent crimes (Eller, pg. 280). In addition, African-Americans are given longer prison sentences for the same crime committed by

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