Violence And Violence : The Negative Effects Of Video Games

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Video games are a part of mostly everybody’s life, whether it be on their phone, a handheld gaming device, or on a console and tv setup. Not all of the games are made for toddlers or children under 13, so it’s safe to say that there are some that can be on the heavier side with the gore and explicit content. These games can get brutal and “Grand Theft Auto” is definitely one of those games that can get to be too much for some people. “Grand Theft Auto” has negative effects on the society because of the foul language, sexual content, exposure to violence, and drugs involved throughout the game.
“Grand Theft Auto”, like many games, has a lot of foul language throughout its gameplay, but it takes it a bit further. The “F” word gets thrown …show more content…

Some may know that it is unacceptable but they still talk with foul language because all of their friends are doing it. They want to feel like they are part of the group and will do whatever they feel they need to do just to fit in, including swearing.
“Grand Theft Auto” has a lot of sexual content and innuendos all around the streets and skies of the game. There are half naked women walking around corners of the streets. The player can pick these women up and take them for a “drive”. This would leave a bad impression on a child if they were to watch it happen, according to studies “not only exposure to sexual content in video games may lead to sexual behavior, the interactive nature of video games may also contribute to this effect” (Yao, 2010). Children will not know not to sexualize women in real life like they are in video games, unless they are taught properly not to. The sky also advertises the strip clubs with blimps flying around. When children see this, they may think strip clubs are a good thing. Even though they do not know what it is, the last thing a parent want to hear is their young child asking if they can go to a strip club like they saw advertised in the game.
The player can find a couple different strip clubs around the downtown part of the map. Once inside, there are a few options: go drink at the bar, watch and throw money at the dancers, or have a personal dance. This is showing children that sitting at a strip club getting drunk and

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