Essay on Violent Video Games: Dangerous Entertainment

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Violent Video Games: Dangerous Entertainment

Since the beginning of organized society, entertainment has always been an aspect closely tied with human nature. From the times of ancient empires, such as the Romans and Greeks, humans have used entertainment as an outlet to escape the harsh reality of everyday life. Although in those times, entertainment was considered duels to the death with animals and other humans opposed to the censored reality shows and formulaic movies we have today. However, there isn’t much difference between the mortal combat that was exercised in ancient times, and the mortal combat that trickles down into today’s censored forms of television, music, and especially video games. Video games have progressed …show more content…

It is likely that violent video games have a negative psychological impact on its players, because it exposes them to fantasy like environments that do not show the repercussions of violent actions.

The mind of a child is fragile, and any little exposure to violence at a young age could cause corruption with negative results. The mind of a young adult is far more developed, but can still be pushed the wrong way through exposure to negative imagery. Take for example the tragedy that happened at Littleton High School in Columbine, Colorado. Two teenagers, Eric Harris and Bryan Klebold, acted out a video game they had created, which was a modified version the video game “Doom.” In the game, a player goes around using various high powered weapons ranging from pistols to rocket launchers, to defend the earth from the denizens of hell. In Harris and Klebold’s modified version of the game, the player goes around killing monsters which were replaced with pictures of athletes in their school, who were unable to fight back within the game. On April 20, 1999, the two boys acted out their version of “Doom” by bringing various guns and explosives to school and murdering 13 students. 23 other students were injured as well, before the two boys

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