Virginia Was A State Of Slavery Where White Supremacist

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Virginia was a state of slavery where white supremacist did not think people of color as their own. Virginia had always been a very conservative state even after the abolishment of slavery. In fact, there was a case of Loving in 1967 in Virginia where white man and black woman got married without the knowledge that it was inappropriate and a disgrace to white people. Long before they got married, they got arrested in the middle of the night and spent the night in jail and forbid both of them from setting foot in Virginia ever again with no exceptions. However, things resolved when the Loving took it to the court and was able to return to Virginia to their families. I would say this case was the first step in helping Virginia abolish the …show more content…

These contradictions suggest that Europeans had never seen a black man before, and was afraid of them. It is no surprise Europeans reacted the way they did for we tends to be more cautious around people we had never seen or met before until we get familiar with them. In a way, I believe the author was trying to imply that these two races were like yin and yang – yin the color of black was described as darkness/evil and yang the color of white was described as light. To support the above statement, the author talks about the first Africans that were transported to Virginia, who were described as ““a people of beastly living, without a God, law, religion”/their color allegedly made them “Devil incarnate”” (50) and was accused of man eating creature. Europeans feared and discriminate Africans but that didn’t stop them from selling them and making them work in plantation for a certain period of time. In addition, white blames the African for things they did not do – ““the living image of primitive aggressions which they said was the Negro but was really their own” (50). This statement proved that white colonizers get away with things by blaming the blacks, insisting that blacks are going to gore the life of them and denying the fact, blacks to be their own. The first Africans in Virginia were not “slaves” when they were first brought to Virginia and not reduced to property. They were merely laborers that were bought in

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