Visit Of The Getty Villa Of Malibu And Search For Very Specific Types Of Art Objects

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For this assignment, we were required to visit The Getty Villa in Malibu and search for very specific types of art objects. When I first arrived, I was immediately asked if I had a reservation and what method of transportation I used to get there. Apparently the museum has very strict guidelines of not allowing pedestrians to walk in, therefore you are required to get there by car or public transportation and have valid proof of the bus fare. Next, we were required to wait and get escorted by museum employees up to the hillside museum. Upon our arrival, I noticed how the museum was set and organized, making it really easy to find the required artifacts without much of a hassle. The first artwork we were required to find was a Grave Stele. The one that caught my attention was titled Gravestone of a Prominent Family. It is a 59-inch Greek stele made out of marble which dates back to 150 B.C. It was made in Smyrna which happens to be present day Turkey. When I saw this stele, the first thing that caught my attention was the sunken relief and the four different figures in the middle. The stele itself is a very detailed work of art. At the bottom of the stele, there is Greek writing that honors the family. In the middle there is the sunken relief aspect of the stele. It displays what seems to be a family standing around a torch. On the right you can see the women figure standing holding a tall torch, while on the left you can see the man figure with two children around him in

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