Visiting the National Baseball Hall of Fame Essay

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The busts of hundreds of players, managers, coaches, umpires, and baseball pioneers occupy the hallowed halls of a quiet building located in Cooperstown, New York. Thousands of fans travel to this building, otherwise noted as the National Baseball Hall of Fame, each year to get a glimpse of baseball’s immortalized heroes. Hundreds of sportswriters across the nation weed out numerous hall of fame hopefuls once a year and cast their votes on who will be enshrined in Cooperstown and who will merely be a statistic of the Great American Pastime. These sports writers examine a player or coach’s career with extreme meticulousness. Not one player in the Baseball Hall of Fame is undeserving, however, over the next few years we will learn that there …show more content…

- - Not quite!

Steroids are Available Cal Ripken, Jr. and Tony Gwynn are two of the newest additions to Cooperstown. Both men posted impressive, record holding careers; however, they were not unanimously voted into the hall of fame because they played in an era where steroids were supposedly present in locker rooms across Major League Baseball. Not once was either player penalized for or even accused of using steroids. But they are guilty by association and were slapped with the steroid label. Barry Bonds clearly used steroids prior to or during his remarkable 73 homerun season considering he averaged just below 40 a year during his career, Right? - - I don’t think so!
One time record holder, Roger Maris rarely hit 30 home runs in a season then busted out 61 in 1961, to take the home run crown from the Sultan of Swat, Babe Ruth. However, no one can ever recall accusing clean cut, hard-working, Roger Maris of using steroids, but why? Why is it possible for Roger Maris to have a once in a lifetime, dream season, yet when a modern athlete has one he was undoubtedly using steroids.

Players are Being Tested Just like McGwire and Bonds; Roger Maris and Hank Aaron never tested positive for steroids. The only difference rests in the fact that Maris and Aaron were never tested. It is

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