Vocabulary Learning Strategy Research Analysis

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According to Takač (2008), vocabulary learning strategy research can be approached from many different perspectives. He noted that vocabulary learning strategy can be researched from the view of general learning strategies and a research that explores the effectiveness of individual strategy in the process of learning. Despite the prevalent dominance of cognitive approach to vocabulary education, Vocabulary research as entered a novel chapter. More recently, scholars have challenged the prevalence of cognitive views in favor of sociocultural approaches to vocabulary education. For example, Carter (2012) recognizes the contribution of cognitive theories to vocabulary learning, he does however, propose a sociocultural approach as a …show more content…

Rubin established that learning strategies good learners use learning strategies such as guessing in meaning of words in context which is one of the most used cognitive strategies in second and foreign language learning. Another characteristics of a good learner underlined by Rubin is that good learners practice words by pronouncing them several times. Different researchers have investigated vocabulary learning strategies in various contexts in relation to most and least used frequent vocabulary learning strategies (Amerian & Heshmatifar, 2013; Kaya & Charkova, 2014; Omaar, 2016), learning strategies, L2 proficiency and gender (Green & Oxford, 1995), vocabulary size and general English proficiency (Gu & Johnson, 1996), attitudes towards vocabulary acquisition (Laufer, 1986), determine whether the classification of strategies used with English as a Second Language (ESL) could be applied to English as a Foreign language learning (EFL) (O’Malley & Chamot, 1990). Some studies sought to compare the use of vocabulary learning strategies in relation to age (Schmitt, 1997) and gauge the effectiveness of vocabulary learning strategies (Shams, 2012). For example, O’Malley and Chamot (1990) interviewed Spanish and Russian learners and found motivation for learning and studying English as one of the important factors

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