Volunteering at the Colorado State Fair Lost Child Center Essay

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When I heard that I needed some 5 hours of community service hours for my AAA class, I was disappointed for a while. I thought that I would need to go one some special mission there and back again,... or something like that. I was glad when I leaned that any community service hours that you had performed that summer counted towards the 5 hour goal, and just this summer I had volunteered at the Colorado State Fair Lost Child Center. The Co. State Fair Lost Child Center is generally operated by my Civil Air Patrol Crew CO-RMR-179, also known as the Pueblo Eagles. This year my squadron became a venturing crew too, (Venturing is a branch of Boy Scouts) because this year we decided to perform the Lost Child Center as a Venturing crew, and …show more content…

Some of the skills I was able to develop and items I was able to learn during my time at the Colorado State Fair lost Child Center are as follows: General Communication, our crew needed to be able to communicate with each other quickly and effectively in order to find the lost person. Radio Communication, we were not able to be within yelling distance the whole time, so we needed to understand how to use radios effectively. Calming People Down, some of the parents, and/or children that came to us when their child/sibling got lost would be agitated, and we would need to calm them down. Persons Recognition, our crew had to be able to recognize people from descriptions, sometimes limited to the person’s age and hair color. Maps Understanding and Navigation, although not always, but sometimes the people would tell us where they last saw said lost person, and we would need to the location, and canvas that area before the person got too far. Lots, and lots of running and walking, to find lost persons we would need to be actively walking through the State Fair, and need to run to the said position before the person got too far, although we did get occasional breaks. I believe that the Colorado State Fair Lost Child Center helped me to learn, and develop skills that would otherwise go unlearned. I enjoyed doing this service, and managed to help my community and state in the process. Although my feet hurt after I was done,

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