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Voodoo Throughout history people have feared that which they do not understand.

This is even more evident with the topic of witchcraft. With such events, as the Salem witch trials and the inquisition-like attacks on religions, not socially accepted by the majority, demonstrates what happens when intolerance and fear of beliefs not like any other take hold in a culture. Even in the 20th century, a religion exists in the southern United States that intimidates people through prayer, ceremonies, gris-gris, and superstition. This religion is known by names such as Voudun, Hoodoo, and most popular Voodoo The word Voodoo is an intimidating word to many because of the images it brings to the mind of black magic, evil,
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These messengers are neither good nor bad but depend on how an individual wishes to use them. This is the foundation of Voodoo but it changes as the slave trade carries slaves to Haiti. In Haiti, Voodoo takes on a new look and purpose. With individuals from different tribes in Africa coming together in Haiti and sharing similar beliefs, the religion begins to incorporate influences from them all. This however was not the main function of Voodoo, it was to unite the slaves and achieve freedom. At meetings, plans for escaping and other ideas were shared with each other while at the same time keeping the religious beliefs alive. It also played a role in the uprisings of the slaves on Haiti. With Voodoo priests uniting the people, it was also forming an army to fight for slaves' freedom. The priests would then call for spirits to protect them in battle so they would have nothing to fear. This helped to create the Haitian Voodoo "cult" into an organized, ritualistic, and hierarchical religion. With the slaves winning freedom, Voodoo became an influential part of daily life in Haiti.The final phase of Voodoo was the slave trade between Haiti and New Orleans. The slaves that were shipped into Louisiana brought a combination of African and Haitian Voodoo with them to the area. With the influence of French culture in Louisiana, a unique form of Voodoo was created. A diversity of slaves were shipped in

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