Voting Affect The Level Of Support Constituents Award Their Representative Essay

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In the most basic understanding, representatives, in a representative democracy, serve as vehicles for their constituents. They exist to transmit constituent interests into law. However, due to a number of variables, there are instances where representatives choose to vote in contrast with their constituents. For this reason, it is relevant to examine how these diversions in voting affect the level of support constituents award their representative. This is important when considering the importance placed on the representative-constituent relationship, Examining such a question is pertinent due to the nature of democratic representation. In order for democracy to be effective voters must trust that their representatives will uphold their duties and obligations. Furthermore, establishing support and trustworthiness between the parties encourages communication, and thus, advancements democracy. Literature that examines the question of representative voting, and therefore, support can be separated into two categories i.e. research that examines the issue from a constituent perspective,and research that focuses on the resulting re-election expenses that arise from diverging from constituent interests.
In examining the constituent-representative relationship, a portion of the literature examines the relationship solely from the constituent perspective. It is a perspective that is important when questioning the support constituents have for their representatives, in that, their

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