Voting Synthesis Essay

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In one's democratic society, voting is, perhaps, the most major form of communication in telling how they feel about particular issues and viewpoints. Because of a ballot's potential power to change the course of public policy, it is important to make informed choices to make the best outcome in ultimate decisions, lest a care-free choice could yield unintended consequences. With candidates in mind, perhaps one of the best sources to examine their goals is their campaign website, as they tend to list initiatives that they wish to achieve and a plan on how to do so. Since a candidate's website is unlikely going to have biased opinions (other than what the candidate believes), voters can get a clear understanding of their overall ideals. A second choice is from an accredited media source. The media can give perspective and shine light upon lesser known facts of a candidate, with some of this information being something a candidate doesn't wish for the public to know. Of course, news sources such as Fox News and MSNBC tend to have more notable idealogical leanings than others, but nevertheless try to expose information of opposing candidates, allowing the public to formulate an overall opinion. In more broader terms, radio and television have also allowed for better access of debates; the public, in turn, getting to string information together.

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