Voyles V. the State of Texas Court Case Summary

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In 2000, the Arlington Police Department received information stating that Earnest Leon Voyles had exchanged emails that contained sexual content with a fifteen year old girl from London, England. According to this informant the fifteen year old girl, “Amy Chang”, had been solicited for sex by Voyles and had arranged to meet with her in London to engage in a sexual relationship. Sergeant James Crouch of the Arlington Police Department was unsuccessful in contacting “Amy Chang” to verify the arrangement but was not successful, however, he was successful in verifying that Voyles was working as a teacher at a junior high located in Arlington, Texas. Working with the information provided by the informant, Sergeant Crouch, sent an email to …show more content…

on his work computer; stating that the evidence was admissible because Voyles “had no reasonable expectation of privacy in his work computer.” Although Voyles stated that he took precautions to prevent others from accessing or viewing items on his work computer the State argued that he had no expectation of privacy because the computer was owned by the school district, was located in a public classroom that was designed not only for teaching students, but was designed to be available for use

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