“Vulgarized Filipino Identity: Development of Filipino Profanity”

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School of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences Mapúa Institute of Technology A Research Draft on “Vulgarized Filipino Identity: Development of Filipino Profanity” Introduction Vulgarity of Language Humans express their feelings in many different ways physically, mentally or verbally. Vulgar words, also known as swearing or cursing exists in all human languages that perform certain functions. One study found that swearing is not merely a common reaction to pain; it actually functions as a pain reliever where psychologist would advise people to swear than to hurt someone or yourself. However, the overuse of swear words tends to diminish their beneficial effect and will result in bad moral attitude. Swearing is a widespread…show more content…
The 60 respondents will be divided into two to differentiate them depending on their gender or sex to have a more reliable data for the said study. The questionnaire that will be given is in multiple-choice format, checklist format and scale type which is in structured type as it best fits the type of research the researcher is studying on. No particular qualifications or instructions were given in the selection of students to answer the questions except the randomness of the sampling and gender should be observed. The interview on the other hand will be conducted on some selected students; most likely those who have taken up the questionnaires, and professors or person who knows a thing or two about the topic that will give the researcher valuable information that cannot be found on other gathered sources. Its purpose is to clarify and understand more about the students reasoning on the questions that the interviewer will ask. Due to the fact that the research work is a simple study or project and not needed or required in getting a degree namely thesis and dissertation, the researcher will not analyze his data through high and complex statistical methods. Only the numbers of answers will be given and analyzed by the researcher. Furthermore, only the tallying and percentage will be conducted by the researcher. The researcher believe it to be the most effective

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