Ethically Informed Consent Paper

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Role of a Researcher Bell (2005) mentioned that ethical research involves acquiring informed consent of people to be interviewed, questioned, observed or taken materials from and reaching to an understanding of how the data will be used and analysis will be reported and published. In guiding the activities of researchers, Denscombe (2010) described three ethical; “protection of participants’ interest”, “avoiding deception or misinterpretation” and “informed consent of participants”. Alderson (2008, cited in Robert-Holmes 2014, p. 49) stated that acquiring the participants’ informed consent to conduct the research is part of building trust in the relationship between researcher and the participants. In this study, informed consent will firstly be sought from the Centre supervisor for her knowledge and approval for research study to be conducted within Centre’s setting. It will then be given to teacher participants and parents of the students. Parents of the students will be given the informed consent to seek consent in allowing the researcher to conduct observations on the child while seeking consent from teacher participants to seek their participation and allowing their responses from the interview to be used as part of the…show more content…
Participant will understand that participation is voluntary and that they are free to withdraw or decline to participate in this exercise, however, it is also important for the researcher to ensure that interviewees to have the confidence to articulate their feelings (Oliver 2003). At the beginning of the interview, the researcher will first explain to the teacher participant about the context of the interview; its purpose and estimated duration of the research. They have the right to ask for clarification at any point of the exercise and inform the researcher if they feel uncomfortable about any procedure in the process of the
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