Vuo Thanh Case Study

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Vuong Thanh

In 1975 Vietnam was taken over by communists from the north side of Vietnam government. People who worked for the south Vietnam government were killed by communists from the north.

One of Vuong Thanhs brothers worked for the south Vietnam government so they had to leave Vietnam to go somewhere nice like Australia. So they all tried to go to Australia and the brothers made it to Australia by boat but not Vuong Thanh.

Vuong Thanh he tried leaving Vietnam on a small boat with fifty people because they didn't want to die in the war. So they all tried being refugees. He tried to leave Vietnam seven times but he’d been caught and imprisoned each time .On the fifth time he was put into jail for one mouth …show more content…

when he got to Australia he was worried that he would not get a job because of his poor english. Then he soon got a job then some of his friends found him a job as a jewellery manufacturer.The same job he had in Vietnam. He felt happier because of his job, he learnt interesting things about his job. In 1999 he soon got married and lived in Melbourne for years three.With his family and had four kids then Vuong Thanh and his family moved to Sydney because the weather was bad for his family's health they kept on getting sick so when they moved to Sydney the kids were healthy of the nice weather of that at the moment the kids like living in Sydney and they have a wonderful school too. They were all happy to live in Sydney and there was much better than Melbourne education is very good for the kids and him and his family loved that’s why he loves Australia.

I think Vuong Thanh is a great Vietnam leader for the Vietnam because he cares for his family because in when his family got sick he was willing to move Melbourne when his family kept on getting sick a lot so they moved to Sydney so he’s family won’t get sick as much take care of his family and sending his kids to university that most people don’t people go to that's why I think he is a great idol because he is caring and never gives up

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