WEEK 2 Written Assignment

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WEEK 2 Written Assignment
I’m thinking no more than 1-2 paragraphs each for 3 & 4.

1. List the qualities (at least 6) that define life AND discuss how a single-celled organism, such as an Amoeba or a yeast cell, and a more complex one, such as a tree or a cat, matches up with each characteristic

1. Living things have cells.
2. Living things grow
3. Living things reproduce
4. Living things respond to stimuli
5. Living things use energy
6. Living things adapt to their environment

A single celled organism, such as an Amoeba, has a short life because of the heavy work load and exposure to elements on all four of its sides. An Amoeba operates on one cell, so it is a lot of work and cannot get very big with just one cell. Any injury to the …show more content…

The star basically blasts apart and sends iron flying. These stars are common, and so are the elements created at its core, one of them being iron. Gold is rarer, because it is created by the collision of dead stars. Each element is a pure element, with a unique number of protons. You would have to change the number of protons to change an element. You cannot do that with any

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