Wal-Mart's Sustainable Competitive Advantage Essay

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Competitive advantage can be defined as a means by which a firm manages to keep making money, add value by providing distinct products and sustain its position against its competitors. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is one of such companies in the retail sector that has achieved sustainable competitive advantage over a period of time. ¬This report focuses on how Wal-Mart has achieved competitive advantage by adopting cost leadership strategy and providing consumer goods at lower prices. The report also discusses how Wal-Mart is taking lead on environmental sustainability by investing in solar power plants, offering environment friendly products in its various stores and encouraging recycling of different products. Wal-Mart’s strategies …show more content…

• The company also reduces inventory management cost by maintaining low inventory or just-in-time inventory which is a good technique to gain competitive advantage.
Wal-Mart is slowly gaining sustainable competitive advantage over its competitors using these techniques. Wal-Mart’s advertising slogan “Save Money, Live Better” truly reflects the company’s strategy of providing products to a target market at lower prices.

How Wal-Mart has gained environmental sustainability
Due to increasing environmental imbalances, it is necessary for firms to achieve competitive advantages in the area of environmental convergence as well. Wal-Mart is putting continuous efforts from a long time for environment sustainability and energy conservation. It also received Aspen Institute Energy and Environment award for Corporate Energy Efficiency in 2009. Here are a few steps that Wal-Mart has taken to encourage environmental sustainability:
Using, encouraging and investing in renewable energy
Wal-Mart is investing millions of dollars in renewable sources of energy to reduce greenhouse gas pollution. In 2008, the company saved approximately 15 million gallons of diesel fuel by increasing space in its trucks and reducing the number of empty miles driven by trucks. By the year 2015, company is targeting to save

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