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Name: Rosie Daly Group: Red Group “The Interesting’s” Walden, Economy Study Guide Questions – 1: p. 7-22 Have you ever departed early to your destination to account for the possibility of getting lost? Using this metaphor, please remember Murphy’s Law - "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong" - and don’t wait until the last minute to complete this assignment. All work must be typed, using a 10 pt. font, and is due at the beginning of class. This assignment is to be completed individually. Students are not to share answers. If downloading this assignment from Edline, please feel free to copy/paste the questions and type your answers below them. If answering directly from hard copy, you do not have to retype the question; however, all responses are to be written in complete sentences. These are not short answer; they require much thought and several sentences each. 1. Why does Thoreau say that he is writing his account of living at Walden Pond? In the first paragraph, Thoreau says he was asked questions by many townspeople, about what he ate, did he feel isolated and many others. Thoreau insists that Walden Pond did not feel isolated, and it was easy to live in simplicity. He is writing his account of living at Walden Pond to defend and educate people who would like to know, about his stay and way of life. 2. In what point of view (1st, second, or third) is Walden written, and what is Thoreau’s reason for this? Walden is written in a 1st person

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