Walker's Experience: A Fictional Narrative

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“There has to be another way.” Walker sounds pissed. Swearing and shouting into his phone, poor Logan must be getting a killer headache. “I’m sorry Walker, but Felicity is the only reliable lead we have. Unless you want to travel to every town that claims to have someone who can turn something into golden thread, you’re just going to have to wait for her decision.” Walker snaps his phone closed without answering Logan. He tosses it on the bed beside Eleanor, who’s remained silent throughout the conversation. “Fucking bitch. She probably can’t even make golden thread. That’s all she probably is, a fake.” “That’s all you’re doing. Faking everything so you'll get attention and sympathy.” Eleanor’s whole body goes…show more content…
Her body aches when she’s awake. It kills her mother when she drinks too much. She can’t stay sober for a day. She’s giving everything to numb the burns, addicted to the losing fight. She looks vacant but the wheels still turn. She could be singing this tonight. I wanna touch the northern lights. We could leave the world behind. I wanna know what it’s like; to walk away from this life.” New words fill Eleanor’s head. Walker gently whispers the song into Eleanor’s ear. That’s new, most people prefer to keep their distance, but Walker gets nice and personal. He keeps an arm around Eleanor, even when her shaking grows stronger. The room is too cold, yet too hot and Eleanor wants to scream. Her eyes are closed, but she can feel the room spinning. There’s no air and Eleanor’s panic shifts from her past to the present. She can’t get air, air that she needs. This is it, she thinks, this time I’m going to die. Walker continues to speak into her ear, but the words don’t make sense. Instead, Eleanor puts all her focus into breathing. Its several long minutes until the panic subsides. Acid burns Eleanor’s throat and she rushes to the connecting
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