The Boston Fbi Field Office Building

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The room was filled with chatter and arguments. The mass murder that was happening in the states of the New England region was the center of the discussion in the Boston FBI field office building. Officer Alecia Harrison was sitting silently in the room while the roars of the others burdened her ears. It was a late night and the agents were talking all at once about their opinions on the situation. She sighed, looked around the room and shouted over the silence for everyone to be quiet. The individuals in the room grew silent as they looked at the young woman who had just interrupted their banter. “Listen, this isn’t helping the situation. We need to come together and figure out a lead,” explained Alecia. “The only information we have is…show more content…
She felt a chill run down her spine as she had a sense that someone was watching her from afar. Slowly turning to look behind her, she looked out in the distance of the woods by her house. When she felt certain that no one was there she proceeded the rest of the way to her front door.
The young woman opened up her door and immediately felt that sense of uneasiness again even though her home was full of light. She could hear the water running in the bathroom and figured that her boyfriend, James, was just taking his usual night shower. She went into the kitchen to get a quick drink of water. As she drank the cool liquid she felt an immense feeling of relief. She advanced toward the bathroom. She walked down the hallway heading towards the closed bathroom door. Alecia felt a sense of panic and anxiety when she felt her foot become slightly submerged in a liquid on the floor.
She flung the bathroom door open and felt her throat tighten at the scene. Her loving boyfriend was laying in the bathtub clearly dead with the water overflowing over the sides of the tub. His eyes were glazed over, looking almost made out of glass, and his skin had started to become discolored. Letting out a guttural scream, she ran to the side of the tub and tried to lift him out. However, she knew it was too late and he was too heavy for her to lift. She sunk to the wet floor with tears falling from her eyes as she turned off
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