Wall-E Vs Petney

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Wall-e versus Sonny: The Industrial Robot and Humanoid A lot of people associate themselves with robots. There are instances where people make robots for a living, or program a type of chip or circuit board that are installed in robots. However, the main reason why we know about robots is because of movies. A lot of movies depict robots as being mechanical creatures that somehow upsets the balance of earth and cause mass destruction, or is depicted as serving their masters. We often think about industrial robots. This is mainly because of industrial plants. We think of them as taking over our jobs. For instance, the movie Wall-e depicts an industrial robot picking garbage. Although humanoids aren’t the first robot thought of, no other type …show more content…

There are robots that are made to help complete tasks or chores which humanoids can do, but many humanoid robots are made for different types of interactions. Some humanoid robots are especially made for the study of autism or an underdeveloped child or adolescent. Humanoids can understand facial expressions and emotions that children emit. Yes, humans can also detect signs, but if programmed correctly, humanoids can detect the smallest facial cues that humans often miss especially in autistic children. Also, autistic children are often misinterpreted because “they understand the physical world much better than the social world” (O’Brien). There is a humanoid named Russell. Russell works with autistic children by helping them strengthen “their ability to imitate others. It is a skill that is important for learning.” Russell is developed so he isn’t complex. He is programmed to detect signs but he doesn’t have all the characteristics of a human. They don’t want Russell to “overstimulate or overwhelm a child with autism” (O’Brien). They do this because children that have “autism have an affinity for technology” (O’Brien). Humanoids help the process of development in a multitude of children. Humanoids skills are

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