Wallace Stegner's Wilderness Letter Essay

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In Wallace Stegner’s “Wilderness Letter,” he is arguing that the countries wilderness and forests need to be saved. For a person to become whole, Stegner argues that the mere idea of the wild and the forests are to thank. The wilderness needs to be saved for the sake of the idea. He insinuates that anyone in America can just think of Old faithful, Mt. Rainier, or any other spectacular landform, even if they have not visited there, and brought to a calm. These thoughts he argues are what makes us as people whole.

The wilderness can be used to measure against the man made world, a “scientific yardstick.” Throughout the entire piece he is arguing that the importance is not what we can actually see or touch, but what we think of and …show more content…

The land helped form their mentality as they worked their way across it and through it by working on their souls.

The wilderness and forests need to be saved for the future generations, and a sort of “wilderness bank” needs to be formed in order to keep the reality of the wilderness alive and keep mankind grounded to the earth.

The best way to accept nature is through an unclogged mind. The spiritual refreshment that comes from the land and the wild without the technology clouding everyone’s mind is the best way.

Stegner thinks that the wilderness has taught the generations of the past the trick of quiet, as did Sherwood Anderson. In order to teach the future generations this trick, people must leave the land as it is now and not use the land for recreational purposes. Along with the technology that has come to be, so have a bitter attitude and more illness. People became more hostile and bitter as the technological advances took of and the frontier fell.

All of nature and the wild are equally important to Stegner; from the prairies to the Alpine forests, it’s all equally important. He calls it technocracy as in a democratic technology.

Stegner believes that the fact this letter has been used in posters, made it around the world and been used to promote wilderness preservation, proves that the message is one of truth.

The land, the forests, and the wilderness belong to

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