Walmart Argumentative Essay

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Walmart has promised to create more American jobs by supporting more American manufacturing. Also, Walmart has pledged to purchase approximately $250 billion in products, by 2023. It makes great economic sense for American’s economy for Walmart to shift from foreign goods to domestic goods. The majority of Americans shop at Walmart for a lot of products. Mike Rowe, from Dirty Jobs, got huge criticism for supporting this huge move Walmart is making. Walmart is motivated to make this move because it will benefit Walmart, create jobs, and boost the US manufacturing sector. I think this will slow down imports from foreign countries and also exports. Walmart believes that even if you can purchase products cheaper if you import them how can people buy anything if they do not have a job to pay for those cheap products. The only way this move would benefit international companies is if American manufacturing cannot produce cheaper and better quality products than what is currently being …show more content…

However, Wal-Mart has made these claims before in the late 1980s and early 1990s they started a campaign “Buy American.” By 2002, imports doubled from China, buying some $12 billion in merchandise. (Fishman, 2003) Walmart also has been known to make demands on manufacturers that has costs the manufacturing company greatly. For example, Vlasic pickles being sold in gallon jars for $2.97. This caused a profit of just a few cents for Walmart and Vlasic. Vlasic begged Walmart to raise the price or shrink the size of the jar but Walmart refused. When Walmart finally let Vlasic raise the price of the pickles but by then it was too late. Vlasic had to file for bankruptcy not too long after that. I believe they used Vlasic as a tool to get people to come to their stores and

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