Wangari Maathai's Epilogue : Canopy Of Hope

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In Wangari Maathai's "Epilogue: Canopy of Hope," she said, "the news hit me like a thunderbolt" (Maathai 291). She used this metaphor to express her emotional state of how she feels when she heard the news about her Noble Peace Prize award. Usually, this happened to every human being, when that person received something he or she is not expecting at that particular moment. For example, I could remember August 7, 1997, when I received a scholarship award letter from the Ministry of Ghana Education Service. Stating that I am awarded a scholarship to attend Senior High school (SHS), based on my educational performance as well as my incredible achievement on the Junior High school final examination. I was astonished and could not believe that was meet for me, so I turned over the envelope to look at the address whether the letter was really for me. Behold, the message was indeed addressed to me, immediately, tears started running down my cheeks as I read the letter over. I was astounded because my parents were contemplating how to finance my SHS schooling when this surprising news came, so it was like some heavy burden have been taken off my parent's shoulder. Finally, I will agree with Maathai, who said that "the news hit me like a thunderbolt," because I was shocked by the news like it hit Maathai as "thunderbolt" (Maathai 291).

Maathai discussed that "my mind went back and forth over all the difficult years and great effort...futile struggle" (Maathai 292). Yes! The

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