War Of 1812 Affected Susanna

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How has the war of 1812 affected Susanna? This war has completely changed everything about her life and how she lived. Susanna lived all the earlier years of her life with war. She was always having to worry about how her dad and brother were doing, or if she would wake up being British, American or Canadian. She always had to be so focused on this war and everything that was going on in it. Everything she did was effected by the war. This war has affected Susanna completely. Susanna has a loving, caring brother and an amazing dad. She loves spending time with them. But when they have to go to war, she couldn’t ever bear parting with them for such a long while. Susanna and the rest of the women in the household are always worrying about how the men are doing. If they are even still alive. Susanna always worries about the updates and pray they will be updates that will be from Papa and Hamilton not from a messenger saying that they no longer exist. The men left and nothing much remaining is as it seemed. And even the men weren’t too excited to go to war and leave everything behind. “I do not want to go to war, but if we have to do one, I am glad to do my duty.” ~ Hamilton Merritt …show more content…

When they leave, it tears a bit of her apart, she doesn’t want these beloved family members to leave. Susanna isn’t the only one who want the men back. All the women living in that house including but not limited to Marie & Mama. If your dad and brother or just a really close family member went away for a long time and you wouldn’t see them or really be in contact with them for a long while and while they were gone they had a huge risk of being killed, that wouldn’t be easy. Susanna receives letters from her father but very brief ones. He explained that he and Hamilton were ok so far but he told them not to write back unless it was an emergency as it was hard to locate them and they were always

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